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About Us

fisher's kitchen
burger and chips

Alan Fisher and the Fisher family’s Fish and Chip bistros have been much loved cornerstones of the restaurant scene for a long time, since the foundations of the business were laid forty years ago in the form of various fish and chip eateries dotted around the commuter belts, the dormitory towns of the capital and around the countryside.

They were trailblazers in the fish and chip market, with their clean break away from the stodgy, greasy fish and chips from yesteryear- they opened a whole new meaning of Fish and Chips. Crispy, delicious, fresh, never soggy, while maintaining the original spirit and taste of traditional fish ‘n’ chips and mushy peas.  A true delight in every bite!

Alan and his twin brother Gary were the double act at the heart of Fishers on Fulham High Street, a fantastically popular family run fish restaurant where their energy and charm were as much of a draw as their excellent food.

The brothers became like minor celebrities, the Matt and Luke Goss of the local restaurant scene, loved and respected by the community and remembered fondly to this day by many of their customers.

Their next business ventures continued the momentum and they went on to receive the most clamorous acclaim,  at one point rated as number one on Trip advisor.

And so we come to Fisher’s Kitchen, Alan’s latest and most exciting venture to date. Alan has created a restaurant that believes very much in the tradition of Great British food but with the creed that new ideas and twists on old themes can always be introduced and that variety is, as the old adage goes, truly the spice of life.

With the Fisher family, their passion for food and always a warm, welcoming and friendly smile, Fisher’s Kitchen is destined  to become a fixture in Fulham’s rich and diverse community and a destination for any self-respecting metropolitan bon viveur, serious foodies and locals who are looking for a delicious restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Alan, Jules, Gary and the whole team at Fisher’s Kitchen look forward to welcoming you soon.